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Roll On Perfume Oil The Latest Trend in Fragrance!

Conveniently sized to fit inside the tiniest clutch or makeup bag – or even the coin pocket in your jeans – Demeter’s Roll On Perfume Oils are long lasting. They can be whipped out at a moment’s notice for that on-the-go fragrance touch-up.

  • Moonbeam - A unique combination of Vanilla, Chocolate and floral notes that is a study of the contrasts between the innocence of light and the passion of night.
  • Clean Linen - As soft, fresh and compelling as the best, freshest linen you have ever encountered. Spray some on anytime, anywhere.
  • Clean Skin - So delicate it is virtually transparent, with a soft Vanilla undertone, Clean Skin is simply you...enhanced.

With so many possibilities, you can mix and match for every occasion.

Bring a little Demeter wherever you go. Our take-anywhere Roll On Perfume Oils are an ideal way to experience Demeter’s contemporary scents. Compliment your personality with Demeter’s unique scents, made from 95% or more natural ingredients. Enjoy the pleasure and luxury of fine fragrance at an affordable price.

How to use Roll On Fragrances:

Apply to pulse points, wrists and neck. Use as needed to refresh fragrance. Mix, match and layer directly on the skin and create your own personal fragrance experience.

Fragrance Tips:

  • Fragrance binds to the oils in your skin, so it will not last as long on dry skin. Perfume Oil provides a great base for a long-lasting scent, or you can apply lotion before you apply fragrance and it will last much longer on your skin.
  • Don't put too much on - your fragrance should be subtle. Your "scent circle" should be about an arm's length from your body. People farther away than that should not be able to smell your fragrance.
  • Fragrance should be like your clothes, expressing both your fashion sense and your mood. Have different fragrances for different moods - moods change and your fragrance should too!
  • A fragrance wardrobe should include a variety of fragrances for different occasions. Ball gowns are great, but you wouldn't want a closet full of them. You need comfortable clothes too. Think of fragrance the same way.

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