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Get a Scandalous Eye Look with Rimmel London

  1. To get your scandalous eye look, start with Rimmel's Skin Perfecting Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer. Place a small drop of primer on your finger and blend underneath the eye to even out complexion for a smooth, long lasting look.
  2. Next, sweep Soft Kohl Eye Liner Pencil in Jet Black along the top lash line, and smudge it in with an eyeliner brush or q-tip so there are no hard edges.
  3. Next, try out different eye shadow looks with Rimmel's new Glam'Eyes HD Shadow palette. Use the product diagram on the back of the package as a guide to using the highlighter, lid, crease and outer corner eye colors.  Mix and match the shadow colors for a completely customized look!
  4. Finally, top off your scandalous eye look with SCANDALEYES Mascara! The MaxDensity brush, that's 50% larger*, covers your lashes with volume - from corner to corner. This revolutionary mascara takes your lashes to the next level with 3x* the collagen for plumper, sculpted lashes, 3x the keratin* for strong and healthy lashes and 3x the attitude to guarantee scandalous behavior!

Hints and Tips with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Liz Pugh

Liz Pugh is one of London’s most influential make-up artists. With a CV to die for, she’s worked with Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, I-D, Dazed & Confused and created campaigns for Kenzo, Killer Miss Sixty, Guess, and Paul Smith. And with shows for Byblos and Paul&Joe under her belt, no wonder celebs like Thandie Newton, Rachel Weisz, Kelis, Keira Knightley, and Victoria Beckham trust her to create their looks.

Best way to separate eyelashes when applying mascara.

I see a lot of girls pumping the wand into the tube. This just adds air into the tube, which dries out the mascara making it clumpy so don’t do that! Also, with new mascara if there’s too much product on the wand it can overload the lashes. I often gently squeeze the wand with a tissue to remove the excess first. Always apply from the root to the end in one stroke and build up layers to your desired effect. Never throw away old mascara, keep the wand, wash it and you can use it to brush through the lashes after you have applied your mascara. An old clean wand is also great to comb the brows into place.

What is the perfect eye shadow for each eye colours?

Girls often make the mistake of matching their shadows to their eye colour. The trick to make the eyes pop is to choose a shade that complements the eye colour instead of matching it. Blue eyes look great with warm browns, coppers, golds. Green eyes pop with purples, violets and pink tones. Brown eyes really work well with blues navys and greens. I love the Glam’eyes shadows as there are so many gorgeous colours to choose from, they are so easy to apply as they blend so effortlessly, they don’t crease and the colours are really intense. Why not try a new colour to complement your eye colour. If you normally wear nudes and browns why not apply as you normally do and then with a small brush or the pointed end of the applicator try adding a shade to complement your eye colour by applying this just along the top lashline So for example if you have brown eyes, apply your natural shades as usual then apply a navy or blue shadow close to the lash line. Or for green eyes, try the same with a purple. And for blue eyes try some orange or gold. There are some fantastic shades in the Glam’eyes eyeshadows so give it a try. I sometimes do this with a damp brush, for a strong but soft line. Give it a go to see your eyes instantly pop.

How to make your eyes look bigger?

The easiest way is to create a socket. Blend a darker shade into the socket to give definition, as this will make the eyes look bigger and more doe eyed. A lighter shade on the lid, or a touch of highlighter to the centre of the lid will also open them up and make them look bigger. A dot of highlighter on the inner corners is another of my tricks to open the eyes. You can also use white or beige kohl to line the inner rim of the eye, which will also make them look bigger.

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