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Dayna from Pennsylvania

Dayna is a recent 19 year old who is in her second year of college at Muhlenberg where she is pursuing a degree in child psychology along with an education certification. In her spare time, she started her own alterations business and does a ton of volunteering, such as mentoring at school and participating in the March of Dimes, but her passion is working to find a cure for cancer. Dayna lost her grandmother at a young age and works very hard to raise money for the Susan G Komen Foundation fighting cancer. Her goal is to one day open her own practice in child psychology to help children. Her motto is to never lose sight of the need she has to help others. She shops at Rite Aid with her mom for all their cosmetics and toiletries.

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When Dayna entered she wrote...

I'm 19 years old and going into my second year of schooling at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. I believe I would make a great Glam Camp Model because I'm a very strong and independent woman and I go after the dreams that I have set for myself. I help others, younger and older, believe and have faith in themselves and help them realize all they are capable of doing in their life. Three years ago I started a Club in my school district that showed young girls in middle school who were getting bullied how to stand up for themselves and not let anyone stand in their way. The club is on its fifth year at my school district and it has made an impact in every girl’s life that has joined this amazing club. Last year, my first year of college, was a very hard transition for me going from my daily everyday routine at home to a new dorm style type of living. However, I managed to overcome the change and I am now a Muhlenberg College Residential Advisor. This means that I help others overcome challenges that they have in their life and/or that they are having with school. I am very excited to use my own life experiences to help others. My first year of college I became the College Educator/Missioner of Muhlenberg College Colleges against Cancer club, I worked in the costume shop at Muhlenberg College, I was a member of The Caring Place Club (which spent time every week with children in a daycare), and The Make a Wish Foundation at Muhlenberg. As only a freshman, I received the Muhlenberg College Academic Award for being most involved on campus. To show that I go after my dreams, I want to share with you something that I have accomplished in my life in October 2011. My grandmother died when I was seven of breast cancer and ever since I was young I wanted to participate in the Susan G Komen 3 Day 60 Mile walk. Last October I raised $4,000 and walked 60 miles in the fight against breast cancer. I believe I am a great example of hard work, determination, commitment and community service for men and women younger and older than me. As the Rite Aid Glam Camp Model, I would strive to show boys and girls to not be afraid to be themselves and to go after their dreams just like I began to do at age 18 and like I will continue to do all my life.

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