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Halle from Pennsylvania

Halle is a 16 year old with a big heart and big dreams. She works at a local pet store full time during the summer and part time during the school year, but she still finds time to donate a lot of time to charities such as, raising money for kids with cancer or working at a Christian Camp taking care of kids. Halle is an artist who loves to paint and draw, and she hopes to study art in college and then earn a second degree in theater. She has been performing for a while in school plays and her favorite role was the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz. Halle shops at Rite Aid for her favorite cosmetics and her friends like to give each other makeovers when not shopping at the mall!

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When Halle entered she wrote…

Hi! My name is Halle and I am a very outgoing, caring and loving girl.a junior in High School I am always up on my feet when it comes to theater and acting. I love to be on stage, inspire and touch the hearts of those around me. Growing up I was always shy but as time started ticking I realized that speaking in front of people, Always staying kind, being yourself, and staying close to God was my main focus in life. Everyone's life has a roller coaster but mine finally reached the point of success and is ready to branch on to something new and different to experience. If I was the Glam Camp Model, not only would I want to inspire all of those around me, but I would also like to stretch my career of theater and acting to another level. I want to walk into this amazing opportunity being who I truly am as a person and touching anyone's hearts that may come my way. If I am allowed this chance of being the Glam Camp model, I will not only walk in with a true heart but will leave with a true heart and a bright soul. (:

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